Terms & Conditions

Effective January 1st, 2023 these Terms & Conditions supersede all issued before it.

Refund Policy

All orders should be inspected immediately upon receipt. Warwick Tactical LLC will issue a replacement, credit, or refund, in that order, dependent on the specific issue within fifteen (15) business days after delivery. After fifteen (15) business days no replacements, credits, or refunds will be issued.

Return Policy

Customers returning product to Warwick Tactical LLC for replacement, repair, or refund must first receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from Warwick Tactical LLC prior to shipping. Shipments received without a RMA will be returned to the Customer at the Customer’s expense.

Purchase Order Cancellation Policy

In the event a Customer must cancel an open purchase order, Warwick Tactical LLC must be given a written notice thirty (30) business days in advance by company ownership. Upon receipt of the notice, Warwick Tactical LLC will cease production of that product immediately. The Customer will be responsible for all work in process to include product at all stages of manufacturing. This includes raw material if it is specific to the Customers product line, and not usable by Warwick Tactical LLC for any other projects.

Shipping/Delivery Policy

All orders will require a signature as proof of delivery. All orders containing components regulated by the BATFE must be shipped to an establishment with a current FFL, and will also require an adult signature.

All orders will ship “FOB Origin”. Warwick Tactical LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for orders lost, or damaged once shipped. At the request of the buyer, additional insurance may be added to the order at an additional cost.

Value Added Services

Warwick Tactical LLC offers value added services such as vibratory finishing, media blasting, surface grinding, product assembly, and assembly inspection. These services incur a relative cost.

Assembly, and inspections are performed to the Customers written criteria, and do not ship unless they have passed by meeting or exceeding that criteria. Warwick Tactical LLC is not liable for issues caused by disassembly, reassembly or modification to assemblies once they leave Warwick Tactical LLC.

Engineering & Design Services

Warwick Tactical LLC will produce, and ship one (1) sample made to Customer supplied technical data at no charge for pre-production approval. If minor changes are required, Warwick Tactical LLC will produce, and ship a second sample at no charge for pre-production approval. If additional changes are requested by the Customer after receipt of the second sample, Warwick Tactical LLC will invoice engineering time in 30 minute increments, the cost of each additional sample, and the cost to ship each additional sample until the product has been approved by the Customer for production.

Credit Terms

All new Customers seeking credit terms will be subject to providing credit references prior to approval. Without credit terms, all new Customers will be Cash Before Shipment (CBS).

Payment Policy

Balances over thirty (30) days are subject to late fees of 2% per month (24% annum). Balances over forty-five (45) days will initiate an immediate credit hold ceasing all shipments.

Liability Policy

Warwick Tactical LLC accepts no responsibility or liability for losses, compensation, warranty of their services or thereof.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy so we do not share or sell customer data.