About Us


Here at Warwick Tactical we not only produce firearm components for our list of discerning clientele, but we also manufacture high quality, production based, single stack and double stack 1911 handguns. Our models have been redesigned to offer you our most requested features by both satisfied recreational and world champions customers alike. Our mission is to provide our customers a readily available, overly accurate and reliable handgun ready for both a relaxing day at the range, or career changing competition.


Every firearms enthusiast or competitive shooter looks for the ultimate edge when heading to the range. Modern precision CNC machining has removed the old world techniques of stones and files used during critical fitting of your investment. We machine our frame and slide fits within .0003″-.0004″ clearance and .0005″ parallelism. This provides the unique base for our signature fit without lapping or other unnecessary steps. After a slide and frame have been mated up we blueprint and fit a barrel using the same precision CNC machining technology. That barrel will then remain with that slide and frame through completion. We have removed all handwork out of our barrel fitting. All of these exacting standards come together with our house-made, proprietary barrel links to ensure proper timing by working outside of the outdated, commercially available, link system.