Slide – 5″ Square Top Wide Body

5″ Government Length Square Top Wide Body Slide (Bare)


Our Government length, "unique" style, 1911 slides are precision machined as 100% complete at our facility in Landisville, Pennsylvania using certified domestic 4140 carbon steel or 416 stainless steel. The breech face is WEDM cut for your choice of 9mm, .40S&W / 10mm, or .45ACP in order to maintain consistent dimensions in relationship to the barrel lug recesses, as well as provide a smooth surface finish.

Bald 1911/2011 slide, square top, extra width (1.00" wide), no stirrup cut. Includes barrel bushing cut and reverse plug shoulder. This slide's slight additional cost is due to it being machined from larger raw material stock than a standard slide. This provides additional material for you to machine an integral optics mount or additional styling elements of your choosing.

If the slide configuration you choose is not currently in stock it will be listed as "Available on Backorder". Lead time for slides is typically 3-4 weeks.


Additional information

Weight 1.03 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 1 × 1.75 in

4140 Carbon Steel, 416 Stainless Steel


9mm, .40 S&W / 10mm, .45 ACP